Camaleon Photo Art New Logo


多くの会話とテスト後、私はルスィア-ノ デザイナーと一緒に 今後カメレオンフォトアートに使用されるロゴを完成させました。



ルスィア-ノ デザイナーのペ-ジ:


After many conversations and tests in conjunction with the designer Luciano , we decided the logo will be used in 2010 for Camaleon Photo Art.
The logo shows a diaphragm of a camera on the right side and a chameleon on the left, with the name Camaleon Photo Art at the top of the photographer name on the bottom, both in circular shapes that complet each other , making the shape of the human eye is seen as a whole.
All merit of this logo should be given to the designer Luciano, who has worked for months over this idea until he reachs the final result. For people or companies interested in having the graphic work of Luciano , visit his page and feel free to contact him.


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