John`s Ear Candy / ジョン ウォートンのオススメMusic(Skream )

Akemastite Omedetou Gozaimasu mina san !
First post for the year.
Skream , aka Oliver Jones. Born England age 23
Dj , musician and producer.
Makes wicked Dubstep , started producing music using fruity loops software in his bedroom at the age of 15 and is now one of the best dubstep producers around.
His music is melodic and dark just the way I like it .
Live he will pick up the bass guitar while djing and jam out.
Now being sort out to do remixes for more famous pop stars , to lend an edge of street cred to their music he will no doubt be around for a while.
Skream has 3 albums out , I have no favourite.
If you listen to Dustep crank up the bass and play it loud.
This weeks slang , DIRTY. To be angry or annoyed about something or with someone.
As in. Michael was so dirty with Pedro for dropping in on his wave , he went to the car park and let down his tyres. Enjoy music and make music peoples John.


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