Index Krown Surf Boards

 このブログの新しいパートナーIndex krownは去年からずっと僕を応援してくれています Indexのマネージャーもライダーの皆も僕の友人 とても嬉しく思っています  Indexのボードはとてもいい!!Indexのボードについての問い合わせはここで↓(*^_^*)

090-6467-3092    kajukuwatsuru@hotmail.com

With pleasure I got the brand  Index  Krown as a partner of this blog. My relationship with the Index Krown Surf Boards is quite old already ; I am a personal friend of the manager in  Japan ,  Oldair Kavazuro and the riders in Japan as  Leandro Yanaguita , Ceara junior , Paulo Paiva , among others. I'm also happy because it is a company from southern Brazil , like me . For more information of these  high quality Boards, please contact  Oldair and visit the Index Krown website .

Riders in Japan

Leandro Yanaguita ( Japonego )

Paulo Paiva

Ceara Junior

All Photos by Pedro Gomes


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