I got a lot to say......I can't remember now

Nothing new to post today , so I think this song from The Ramones , express very well my feelings today . I hope you understand that , if not , well , try to listen Jack Johnson's new album , drive your car with the Jamaica's flag and hang around saying "Yabaiiii" , "magi de" ,. after that go to the first surf shop ( or surf club = surf shops in Japan are kind of club , society , well , never mind , they don't take my money anyway ) you see and by the 2010 new boards , new wetsuits , new anything , and after that don't forget to put the sticker in your cool wagon "Hiace", number 1173 , saying "No surf , No life " or "Surf is my Life" ,but don't spend all your money at the Surf Shop , keep around 50,000 yen to the hair dresser , don't need to save money to stupid things like Dentist , who needs clean white teeth ? you have a cool Blondie surfer hair anyway ...... after all you are ready to get the certificate of Cool Sufer," ÿabaiiiiiiiiiiiiii".

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