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Hawaii North Shore 2012

          Well , I started to shoot in the water 1 year and a half ago . During this short time I already broke a rib and had my leg pierced by a surfboard 3 weeks ago in Hawaii . Shoot in the water is dangerous , even when is small it's dangerous , I learned this in a very hard way ( currently I can not move two fingers of my right foot and I am walking  on crutches ) . Of course I do not recommend anyone to do what I do , though I practice bodyboard  for over 20 years and  swim a lot , I shouldn't go to shoot in the water at Pipeline with a fisheye without much experience in the water photography . Anyway I do it , it's stronger than my mind , the ocean calls me and I go ..., never mind , it's been hard to write something right now , so just have a look in this photos and you can have some idea what I am talking about . Thank's for read until here . Aloha .

My vision when I'm dipping under the wave .


Seems far, but I'm less than 2 meters away from the surfer.

Concerned to avoid the lip and also wanting to get the photo .

From behind the wave , surfer going and the photographers .

From the top watching Uri Valadao .

Water Photographers .

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