Mr. kanoa Mcgee

Kanoa Mckgee - Pipeline 2012

              If you've been in the north shore already , for sure you know about this guy , the living legend Mr. kanoa Mcgee , the only surfer that surfs Pipeline with Surf Board , SUP , Body Board Prone and Drop Knee . I do prefer shoot him than surf next to him ( He didn't gave me anychance to surf in peace this year in a classic day at Haleiwa ) , but he is local , big , looks hungry and you can be sure that nobody complains about it . The first time I met him was last year , during the Pipe Pro , We change some few words and I took some few photos from the land . This year he started to work as a lifeguard in the North Shore , so I met him several times on the beach , in the water , and I could know him better , behind this Big Man has some one very nice , left some waves to me at Pipeline , asked me how the photos were going , some laughs after his funny way to surf some times . Well , Nice to can shoot and surf next to this legend , enjoy the photos , ALOHA .

Kanoa behind the wave .


Very funny, laughing at himself.

Kanoa surfing during his break time , what a Job .

Pedro Gomes Photography All Rights Reserved

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