Colors of Omaezaki

Omaezaki Coast

              Like the old times there was me driving my Toyota around Omaezaki trying to take a good shoot  after swimming in the pool  . After weeks I got a day off from work and I was excited about that ; to help my mission the sky was beautiful in the evening like almost everyday in September . I met the locals down the beach and after some waves ( with few people in the water "SAIKO") I took my camera  to experiment with my new lenses . The samples of the tests are in this post , long exposure photos and high ISO were my target as you can check it out right now .
              Looks like that a big swell is coming this weekend , My housing and body board are ready for action , have a nice Weekend , ALOHA .

Omaezaki Professional Surfer - Ken Higuchi

Just next to the road .

Omaezaki Heavy Local - Morikawa san

Omaezaki Beach

Ken Higuchi #2

I like these clouds .

The Gold of Omaezaki .

Pedro Gomes Photography All Rights Reserved

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