Merry Christmas

Merry Xmas to everyone , in special to people watch this blog  , coz of the good number of access in this page , many doors opened to me .
I wish all the best to you , your family , your dog , to everybody .
Well ,time to celebrate , get drunk , tell lies about how good your surf is , eat a lots , visit relatives , give and get presents .
Enjoy how you want to , but just remember one thing ; Christmas is the celebration of Jesus Christ Birth , so do all you wanna do, but for few seconds pray for God , all we have God gave to us , waves , nature , life . Even if you are Asian and do not understand well about Jesus , show respect and try to find out something about , coz Jesus is the bigest present God sent to us . Do not Forget what is written in the US dollar , "In God we trust ".  Obrigado Senhor por tudo , o Senhor e meu pastor e nada me faltaras , AMEM .

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