South Chiba - Day 2 #

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          Last week I spent two days in southern Chiba , really cool . Good waves , some good shots , new friends and good food .
           The first day I spent most of the time shoting fom the water so I didn't body boarding that much , also I was tired from work ,12 hours at night inside of a factory is not an eazy way to get money . The waves breaking on a shallow beach break , smashing me against the sand  ,kept me awake , all for a good shot .
            The second day after a good night's sleep , My condition was much better , also the waves were higher than one day before . Time to body boarding and few photos only . The photos in the second day has 3 diferent times . First some landscape photos , later before starts the surf I got Jun in a barrel and the  last photos  some low speed shots in the evening .
            Different as I use to do , this time I wasn't alone , I took Aimi chan with me and we have a wonder time over there . See you guys later , Tchau .

Partner during surf , after surf  and always smiling next to me , what a girl . Thank's a lot for all .

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