Omaezaki Typhoon Season

ken Higuchi - Secret Omaezaki
                   After a slow start finally Omaezaki's coast has been reached for some good waves from typoons swell . I've been looking for the best banks , always in touch with the local surfing community , hunting the best wave . Waves are oscillating a lot , you can have very good waves for half an hour , and after the magic moment just nothing .....So if you wanna get the best wave around here is very important wake up super early morning and keep in touch with other surfers to know where to do "The Shot " . I would like to thanks a lot to the professional Local surfer ken Higuchi for call me every morning reporting the waves , Also big mahalo to the Professional Long Boarder Morikawa San for the advices , support and surf report ; Also thanks to all the locals for let me do my photos in peace , Thanks Pension Local Keisuke Saito , the Tomato guy  高橋直己 (Naomi ? names in englis on facebook makes you more popular to the rest of the world  .... ) and to my old friend John , who is always late to came surfing , and gives me the report about a place in Daito that only  he knows , and for sure the Big Big Thanks to Aimi Matsunaga for all and for the great land shots , Aloha , Pedro .

Anthony Day - Secret Omaezaki

Patrick Sakae

Naomi Takahashi

Keisuke Saito #1

Keisuke Saito #2

Secret Omaezaki

Kei Watanabe #1

Kei Watanabe #2

Ken Higichi - Photo by Aimi Matsunaga

John Looking around - Photo by Aimi Matsunaga

Another great shot from Aimi Chan ( ken Higuchi and My self in the water )

Yuta Watanabe

The Outside

ken getting in .....

....and showing up ...
.... and again ...

Single and free ...

like Her sister here .

After a while Taka San was back ....

  .... in the right day and right time .
and that's me , getting out the water after two days swimming against the current .
Thanks all the Locals for the support Aloha ,
Pedro .
 Pedro Gomes Photography All Rights Reserved .


Yokohama City Japan

Yokohama at Night
                  Yokohama is an amazing city , for being a port city  you can see the influence of many cultures , like  Chinese, Americans, Europeans, Brazilians, Mexicans and others . I took these photos during the Summer Holidays in Japan , just walking around with my camera and 2 Lenses ( a 14mm and a 50mm ) . kampai .

Yokohama Chinatown
The main  temple in Chinatown

Inside the Temple

The roof

Chinese gate

Chinese beliefs souvenirs

Typical shop

Summer time

Yokohama Chinatown

The City is very modern

the Black Ship

Fountain with European influences

On the way to the Tower

Concrete Jungle

Yokohama  kanagawa Japan

Pedro Gomes Photography All Rights Reserved .



Unofficial - Billabong Pro Tahara 2013

Masatoshi Ono - Billabong Pro Tahara Winner
              Billabong Pro Tahara 2013 - " HOT " I guess that's the best word to define Tahara last Sunday . Every single heat was "hot" , the surfers pulling their limits in 2 feet waves , and the Sun making the crowd "Super Hot " . With the victory  of Masatoshi Ono , the Japanese fans got really Mad , which couldn't be different , he really deserved it . With all the Japanese pro photographers around , I tried to shot from different angles ,only to train and improve my technique and familiarize myself with my new equipment for the  next trip . I hope you enjoy the photos , AloHa .
Long Beach - Irago
Connor Oleary

Hiroto Ohara #1

Hiroto Ohara #2
Kaoliopuuwai Kahokuloa
Kylen Yamakawa #1

Kylen Yamakawa #2

Kylen Yamakawa #3
Billabong Pro Tahara 2013
Masatoshi Ono #1
Masatoshi Ono #2
Masatoshi Ono #3

Masatoshi Ono #4
Masatoshi Ono #5

Masatoshi Ono #6
Masatoshi Ono #7

The Winner and the Crowd
Pedro Gomes Photography All Rights Reserved .